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Alaçatı Bazaar

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The touristic market, which is set up on a large area in the Köyiçi region, starting in front of our hotel on Saturdays. Alaçatı market is so lively in summer.


  • Antique gifts
  • Local products
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
Alaçatı Bazaar

This page was added on 17.02.2022 . It was last updated on 22.02.2022 .

Every Saturday, Alaçatı bazaar is set up in Alaçatı Köyiçi locality, starting from Clubbaba to Gendarmerie, until the last stop of Çeşme Alaçatı bus station. Antique souvenirs, local products, fresh vegetables and fruits from the farmer, Alaçatı natural jams etc. All kinds of products can be found. Since İzmir Çeşme Alaçatı has been very popular as a tourist attraction lately, daily tours are held for Alaçatı market on Saturdays every week. The entire market is large enough to be visited for 1 day.

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