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Alacati offers pleasant moments to its visitors with its surf areas, bay windows on the streets, small hotels and Kemalpasa Street with its unique architecture.


  • Surf areas
  • Narrow streets
  • Houses with bay windows
Alaçatı Guide

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It was called Agrilia in ancient times. In the period known as the Cavalry Infantry in the Ottoman period, the Alacaat Tribe gave the village its own name. In the 1830s, one of its leading figures, Hacı Memiş Ağa, called the Greeks on the island of Chios, impoverished by the earthquakes, to drain the swamp in the south of Alacati and save the village from malaria, and in return he gave land. For this reason, in the 1850s-1890s, a new settlement was established inland from the coast and the Greeks kept coming. As the number of Greeks increased at the end of the 19th century, its name became Alatzata. Alacati Municipality Organization was established in 1873.

Alacati became an important trade center with viticulture and winemaking and lived its heyday. When the immigrants escaping from the Balkan war settled in the region, panic occurred among the Greeks and they did not start to migrate.

In 1923, an agreement is made with Greece, exchange with the Turks begins; In addition to Bosnians and Albanians, the people of Alacati change completely and are known as Alacati when the refugees from Thessaloniki, Kavala, Kos and Crete come.

When the people, who do not know viticulture and olive cultivation, try to break their vineyards and try to grow tobacco and livestock, there are difficult days. In the 1990s, Alacati was discovered by surfers. Despite the strong wind, the fact that the sea is not choppy and does not exceed the height of a person attracts novice surfers to the region, and surfing tourism begins in Alacati.

Discovering stone houses with oriel windows in narrow streets, right and left, next to the surf area, makes Alacati the most popular holiday destination. Alacati, where the sea, the village and the local oriel stone architecture meet, is identified with special restaurants and small hotels. Many attractions such as Kemalpasa street are like a bazaar where visitors can have fun, eat and rest.

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