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Turkey; It is one of the most suitable places for a holiday with all its regions, especially the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It hosts millions of tourists.


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Turkey Vacation

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Turkey Holiday Places

One of the first choices of many local and foreign people who want to have a holiday in Turkey is Alaçatı. Located within the borders of Çeşme, Alaçatı is among the most popular holiday destinations in recent years.

Contrary to the Mediterranean heat, thanks to the Alaçatı wind, visitors experience a very refreshing summer. Thanks to the year-round wind, Alaçatı water is both cool and less salty and hosts surf enthusiasts all year long. With its centuries-old Alaçatı stone houses and cobbled streets Çeşmet Alaçatı is waiting for you.

If you chose Alaçatı for your holiday in Turkey, you will find many things to do during your holiday. Walking around the streets of Alaçatı is one of the easiest and most enjoyable. Narrow and long streets with cobblestones, Alaçatı boutique hotels with colorful doors and colorful bougainvillea… Every detail will make you feel special as you wander through the streets of Alaçatı. In addition, Alaçatı cafes and restaurants are waiting for you, where you can find the opportunity to relax while walking in the narrow streets. Alaçatı streets are like a summary of why Alaçatı is so famous.

One of Turkey's most famous holiday destinations, Alaçatı; It is famous for its historical Alaçatı Mills, boutique hotels, aesthetic venues and vibrant nightlife. If you want to relieve the tiredness of the year and have an unforgettable holiday experience, we recommend that you make an early reservation from Alaçatı hotels.

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